Why Foot Massage Is Effective

By now it is well known by all and sundry that, generally speaking, having a massage is rather good for them any time of the week, come morning, noon or evening. This of course, is always rather good news from a health and wellness point of view. It is well known that taking a massage at regular intervals does wonders to both the body and the mind. But did you know that foot massage falls church va sit-ins could be a lot more effective from any number of angles?

For those of you who did not know this; won’t you please take a seat, take off your shoes and socks (and why are you wearing those smelly things anyhow?) and listen to this. The trained and seasoned massage therapist (also known as a masseuse) knows and understands all of the trigger/nerve points in the foot. But the effectiveness of this foot massage actually begins with you because it is not just a case of the massager just rubbing your feet and, well, let’s wait and see.

So, you’ve been feeling pretty stressed out lately? No problem; the masseuse knows which part of the foot to massage that away. Your lower back been giving you so much trouble lately? Or just plain stiff from a little too much heavy lifting. Or maybe it was just bad posture? The masseuse knows where to look. Or should we say; where to rub. And so on, and so forth. The foot massage is, well, handy.

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Handy for those of you who are just too darn shy. Or just plain conservative. How? Why? What does this have to do with anything? Well, for a full-body massage, you generally have to strip down until you’re only left with the suit you were born in.